Kollegala Pandith Modi Yalappa Guruji

Are you concerned about your future? Unhappy Marriage? Are you worried about your Financial Status? Get accurate predictions and solutions for your problems from the Best Astrologer in Kollegala.

Kollegala Pandith Modi Yalappa, Standout among others as the best astrologer in South India. He has expertise in Palm Readings, Horoscope Readings, Marriage match report, Kundali, Vashikaran, Black Magic Removal and many other aspects.

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Astrologer Modi Yalappa Providing all astrology related services in Kollegala. You can contact us for any problem solution of your life.


Do you want to know when you will find the love of your life? When will your calling come? Will you receive a windfall? Will all your ambitions reach fruition? Are you in a suitable job? Will you get a raise? Get all your questions answered.

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Black Magic Removal

Our Astrologer Modi Yalappa Guruji is a black magic removal Specialist astrologer in Kollegala and he is well versed in sketching the positive or the negative outcome of such crafts. Whatever the case of distress it may be there is always helping hands.

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Are you working hard for that best job or career lookout? Are you currently looking for prolific business field? Do you want your love back in your life? If your answers are positive, then you might have to catch up with our experienced and knowledgeable.

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Astrologer Modi Yalappa Guruji, a top numerologist in Kollegala helps to change lives of people for better. Broadly voyaged and armed with technical knowledge, he ensures positive results. With his vast pool of knowledge, wisdom and effective remedies, he rose to popularity as the best numerologist in Kollegala.

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We offer complete Vastu consultation with the Best Vastu Consultant in Kollegala. The solution provided can give much energy which releases you from negative energies. By availing the VastuShastra services, you can feel the positive energy of Vastu in your daily life. This will also grow the power of possibilities in you to pursue your zeal.

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Kundali and Marriage Matching

Obviously, you don’t need to rely on everything your horoscope says. But we feel like there’s definitely something to do with it. Kundli or Horoscope is a unique astrological chart calculated based upon the date, time and place of birth representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event.

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Husband Wife Problem Solution

If you are facing any relationship problems in your married life, try to approach our No.1 astrologer Modi Yalappa Guruji in Kollegala to get best astrology services. He is an expert and offers the best advice for husband and wife relationship problems.

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Childless Problem Solution

If you are longing to have a child or have children related problems like aggressive behavior, inadequate child development etc. just contact astrologer Modi Yalappa Guruji . He is an excellent astrologer and the best spiritual Indian astrologer in Kollegala to solve Children related problems. His solutions are astrological.

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Family Dispute Solution

Astrologer Modi Yalappa Guruji is a great astrologer known well across the globe for being the ideal family dispute solution provider. He has great expertise in getting over family disputes solution. He is the best means he can see what a normal pair of eyes would fail to. He has the most accurate horoscope predictions and a incredible Vashikaran Specialist.

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What Our Customers Say

Our customers have been sharing their experience and changes in life
with the help of Astrologer Modi Yalappa guruji.

I was looking for the best marriage astrology for the right kundli making of my daughter with the right match – I searched and my daughter liked him. I was confused how to search for the best astrologer. Kollegala Pandith Modi Yalappa Guruji where I reached unexpectedly through search in Google provided me the right solutions. Thanks for giving me the best suggestions and precise solutions for Kundli Milan.



Kollegala Pandith Modi Yalappa Guruji astrology is the Best Astrologer in Kollegala we have ever seen so far. He tells everything both positive and non-positive points about a particular horoscope with the necessary remedies to be done to come out of the worst situation. We personally experienced with him and we, our entire family are so happy now under his guidance and wishes and with the blessings of God he is best Astrologer in Kollegala.



Kollegala Pandith Modi Yalappa Guruji - Best astrologer in Kollegala was very positive and encouraging with his great experience and intelligence. I approached him to solve my divorce case. There is no good communication with my wife. We are in the end of separation but every dispute has gone by the guidance and love spells of Panditji Within a few days reading he changed everything and made my life beautiful.. Thanks Guruji



I am giving this review with fulfilment I know Kollegala Pandith Modi Yalappa Guruji from past 5 year. When I was suffering from my bad times and black magic and misunderstanding with my wife I was completely down in life. No one was with me except my Panditji no one in this world accepted me or at least ready to listen my problems. Panditji you are god to me I won’t forget you life long you have helped me a lot during my tough times now my wife is also good and happy with me Panditji save my family and I was completely out from this black magic problem .i don’t know how to thank my Panditji. Only in one ward he is god guruji to me 🙏



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